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Teaching Methodology :

Shri Krishna Vidhyalaya prides itself on its innovative pragmatic and creative teaching methods. We realise that young minds are better at comprehending and absorbing what they see versus what they are told. We have a 60% focus on theory and a 40% focus on practical’s.  

Make a graphic of Learning – > Understanding -> Application :

For example, when a child sees the process of a seed being germinated and sprouting into a plant in the classroom, that lesson is so exciting that it is imprinted in the mind for life. Our teachers bring mathematical formulae to life. For example, instead of simply memorising formulae for area and perimeter, our students measure their own desks and use the formulae to calculate the same. Angles are taught using a door that is kept ajar at a certain angle which the children then identify. 

When knowledge is imparted in this manner children are in awe at the wonder of how things work and absorb it rather than ‘study’ it. This makes all the difference between merely being put through school and being educated. Since the core concepts are strong, our children excel at their board examinations as well as their higher education. In combination with our other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, we give children all-around development and real world learning so that they also go on to shine in the career they put their minds to with utmost ease. 

Butterfly Edufields :

Shri Krishna Vidhyalaya has tied up with Butterfly Edufields which is a pioneering company offering school project kits to support hands-on learning. The kits supplement our pragmatic teaching methodology by letting our students use the concepts that they have learned to create fun interesting working projects using those concepts. We use these kits for our classes 1 to 9. Teaching with collaboration with Butterfly Edufields kits makes it easy for each child to individually work on each project.

Bridge Courses :

The board examinations are the most critical exams in the child’s school education. We aim to take all the pain out of the child’s preparations for the exams. The preparation for the boards becomes very easy when the children are absolutely sure and confident of all the basic concepts. To ensure that all our students who are entering the crucial 10th and 12th standard have a good grip of these basic concepts we have a bridge course that refreshes them on the basis of each and every subject. 

Unified Council Math and Science Olympiads :

Shri Krishna Vidhyalaya puts a lot of effort into training and encouraging our students to participate in the Math and Science Olympiads that are conducted by the Unified Council. This helps our students to test their mettle against the rest of their age and peer group and to see how they fare beyond the competition level in their classroom. It gives them a greater sense of accomplishment when they are able to gauge their performance within a wider context.

Courses Offered :

  • K.G. to 10 Std
  • Higher Secondary:
  • First Language – Tamil



  • 102- Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science
  • 103- Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • 302- Economics, Accountancy, Commerce, Computer Science

Additional Courses :

Hindi – Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha

  • Prathamic
  • Madhyama
  • Rashtrabasha etc Upto
  • Praveshika Poorvadh
  • Praveshika Uttarardh

Special coaching for Unified Council – Maths Olympiad and Science Olympiad


Sports is an integral part of daily life at Shri Krishna Vidhyalaya. It is a scientific fact that neurogenesis or the creation of new nerve and brain cells is triggered by physical activity. Sports is compulsory and all our students are encouraged to get physically active for both their good health and their brain function and development. Competitive sports add more excitement to physical activity and our students are particularly fond of the sports of handball and throwball. We believe that having a good balance between sports and academics improves the children’s performance in both.

Extra curricular activities


To help our students better understand competition and sportsmanship we allot them to four different Clans. The logic behind the Clans is that ‘Personality Matters – Form teams, not groups’. These Clans are named based on Indian mythology and are 

  1. Garuda
  2. Airavata 
  3. Yali 
  4. Mayura

Our students earn credit points called gems for their respective activities throughout the year. This encourages them to strive to give their best performances not only for their own gain and reward but for the benefit of their Clan. Students compete in various competitions in creativity and innovation, sports, karate, yoga, academic quiz, environmental cleanliness and literature. The competitions are both individual and team-based. This inculcates the values of team play, fairness, sportsmanship and friendly competition in our students. They learn leadership skills, how to treat an opponent with fairness and respect, how to endure failure and strive to succeed. This training will hold them in good stead and equip them to face the ups and downs of life beyond school.


At the end of the period from the start of the academic year and up to the Pre-Annual Examination, the gems that the students earn for their Clan are tallied and compared. The Clan with the highest number of Clan gems is honoured with the Champions Trophy. The students with a significant number of gems are the Clan Patrons and the one with the highest is named the Victor.

Co-Curricular Activities

Our pragmatic learning methods by definition lay great emphasis on the hands-on and practical aspects of education. So, extra and co-curricular activities are an integral part of our curriculum. Every subject has time allotted for practical/VIVA activities that are designed to help children understand the relationship between theoretical study and practical implementation. So, they do not learn by rote or memorisation but instead by comprehension and understanding. This makes learning so very interesting and exciting for the student. By gaining a thorough understanding of the subject, their hunger to learn is driven by the natural curiosity of young minds. Academics become easy and fun through our pragmatic methods and we empower students to be active learners. 

Brainstorm sessions in the classroom, as well as quizzes, puzzles and games ignites children’s curiosity and make the learning process exciting and interactive. Storyboard teaching methods and teaching through virtual reality make concepts easier to comprehend and understand for children.

We also give our students the added benefits of additional activities that will help them grow into well balanced young citizens of our country. The activities offered include :


Red Cross 

Road Safety Patrol 

Interactions with the Transport, Police and Forest Departments.

These activities are aimed at teaching our children the values of discipline and following the rules. They understand how the government and its departments function. This exposure is aimed at conditioning their minds towards being responsible and worthy citizens of the country which is the ultimate aim of all education.