Who We Are

Shri Krishnaa Vithyaalayam Matric. Higher Secondary School

Shri Krishna Vidhyalaya is a pioneering educational institution located in a calm and verdant 16-acre campus about 20 minutes from Pollachi on the Meenkarai Road near the Kerala border. The sylvan surroundings, salubrious weather, unpolluted atmosphere and beautiful view of the Western Ghats is the perfect ambience for the holistic growth of young minds in a distraction-free atmosphere. 

Our founder Mr M.K.Anantha Ganesan established Shri Krishna Vidhyalaya in the year 1990, inspired by the words of Swami Vivekananda to bring out the hidden potential in the youth of India. He firmly believed that nation-building is easily achievable when young minds are sown with the seeds of courageousness and righteousness. He firmly believed that children and youth have so much more potential than they are given credit for and that when they are given the exposure and opportunity to do more and achieve more, they certainly will.

At Shri Krishna Vidhyalaya, we keep in mind our founder’s vision to equip children with the right mindset and the best all-around education to develop their own individual talents and personalities to take on the challenges of the world. Shri Krishna Vidhyalaya’s unique approach to education aims at nurturing our children not only to score excellent marks and win competitions but to win at life. Since every child has multiple dimensions to their personalities and talents, we focus on the all-round development of the child.

We impart every part of the curriculum as well as other activities and projects in the most creative and innovative manner. Each and every aspect of the curriculum and programs are presented to the child with equal emphasis on the theory as well as the practical and usable applications of that theory. At Shri Krishna Vidhyalaya, our key emphasis is on the ‘application of concepts’. We can proudly say that the students of Shri Krishna Vidhyalaya do not memorise their school work. They can understand and explain how every aspect of what they learn is seen and applied in the world around them.

Our children are offered a variety of programmes to develop their personality and enhance their exposure to the world. We organise interactive sessions with IAS, IPS and IFS officials, scientists from India and abroad, academicians and administrators to inspire young minds to make use of and enhance their skills in both academic and administrative fields.


Our school owes its unique approach to the education and development of youth to our distinguished and greatly respected founder Mr. M. K. Anantha Ganesan. Mere facts cannot fully describe the impact that his vision has had on the lives of the students who have been educated at Shri Krishna Vidhyalaya. His mission of giving each and every student the maximum attention as well as maximum exposure and opportunity is the foundation of the ethos and values of the school. The school as it stands today is a testament to his vision and the dedication and hard work that he put in to make that unique vision a reality. Each one of us at Shri Krishna Vidhyalaya value the privilege that we have been given to grow young minds and shape the futures of the next generation of our community.


  • M.K.Anantha Ganesan, our school founder was an outstanding student of NGM College, Pollachi having stood first in B.A. Economics.
  • He attributed many of his novel ideas and traits to the exposure he received from his post-graduate degree in Madras Christian College.
  • He was well versed in Hindi and French apart from Tamil and English 
  • He received the coveted Vocational Excellence Award from Texcity Rotary, Coimbatore for excellent academic contribution.
  • He was awarded the “MAHAGURU” Award from Lions Club International for his admirable teaching ability.
  • He served as the District Commissioner of Bharat Scouts & Guides, Convener of Junior Red Cross, President of Lions Club of Pollachi Prince, President of the Anamalai Amateur Radio Club, Advisory Committee Member of Pollachi Sub Collector’s Traffic Committee.
  • To crown it all, the Government of Tamil Nadu nominated him as a member of the advisory committee of Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Pollachi.
  • He had the honour of having been conferred with the honorary membership of the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Club, London.
  • He was invited by the British Government to visit Westborough School in England as part of the MOU between the two schools.




Kheerthighiri Anantha Ganesan

Managing Director

Kalaiarasi Anantha Ganesan





Academic Advisor